Cavs beat Raptors 4-0 at Eastern Conference Semifinals

On the night of May 8 in the North American National Basketball Association (NBA) two matches of semifinal series of the Eastern Conference were held. “Cleveland Cavaliers” on a house parquet crushed “Toronto Raptors” with the score 128:93. The account in a series became 4-0 in advantage of “Kavalyers”. The forward of Clevland Lebron “The King” James who scored 29 points and did 11 passes became the most productive player of a meeting. On the account of center “Cavaliers” Kevin Lava — 23 points. As a part of losers Jonas Valanciunas in whose asset of 18 points became the most productive player. Cleveland will play the fourth time in a row in the East final. During the previous three seasons of “Cavaliers” always won over the rivals and reached the playoffs final.It was a little unexpected that series would end at 4-0 result, but oh well he have the king in our team.

The rival of Cleveland Cavaliers in the final of a conference will become the winner of couple Philadelphia Sixers — Boston Celtics. In the fourth match of the semifinal Philadelphia series on the home platform won a victory over Boston with the score 103:92. The forward of winners Darío Sharich who scored 25 points became the most productive player of a meeting. Double doubles by Joel Embiid – 15 points, 13 selections and Ben Simmons – 19 points and 13 selections. As a part of Boston the forward Jason Tatum scored 20 points. The account in a series became 3-1 in favor of Boston. The next game will take place on May 11 in Boston.

We present full game highlights to your attention, enjoy:

This just proves how The King James is a true leader and can drag a team by himself. He was not so visible during the season games, but right as play offs started you can see the true King is back on court and here we have the results. Way to go CAVS!