Kyrie Irving NBA dribbling and crossovers

Hello everyone, today we will disassemble the crossover of one of the best masters of this business – Kyrie Irving.

The crossover is an ideal means to blow up and beat the rival.

We see that after a successful barrier from one of the partners in team Kyrie remains in private with the big player. By means of a fast contact it specially transports a ball a little forward and changes the direction of its rebound from a parquet so that the ball jumped aside not on the left hand any more, and on right. This moment is very important as a starting position for the rival exchanged. The defender begins to think that he is quite capable to beat out a ball from Irving. But there is a subtlety. Namely force with which Irving sends a ball to a parquet. Speed of a ball becomes much quicker, than at usual vision.

Pay attention to legs of the protected player. It is already turned under the right hand of Kyrie.

Now at such disposition of Kyrie shifts a ball from the right hand in left again and surely sends it to the purpose.

At a final rearrangement of a ball from right in the left-hand Kyrie Irving displaces the center of gravity and does not allow a ball to lift highly. It brings it a prize of fractions of a second which give it advantage before the opponent. He takes control of it the left hand at once and makes the movement towards a ring.

We hope that this video will help you to improve your skills. I remind that you can also find video with detailed analysis of the equipment of a throw of Kyrie Irving on youtube.