How To Pick Basketball Shoes: 4 Suggestions

Good basketball shoes, of course, not the most decisive factor on the platform, but also important, including depends on them, how effectively you will move. We will talk about how to choose a nice pair of basketball shoes in which from a game you it will be getting pleasure by wearing them.

The first what you should decide on is a place where you will play basketball. If in the hall, then you best of all suit sneakers with a soft sole. Among models with a soft sole you should pay attention to personalized rulers of basketball players, for example to Nike Kobe, Nike Lebron or Nike KD series. All these lines of sneakers perfectly will be suitable for occupations in the hall. If you mainly play in the street then you need sneakers with a rigid sole. For example, Nike Hyperdunk, Nike Zoom Run the One or K1X Anti-Gravity basketball shoes. To learn the easiest way what the sole of the sneakers which were pleasant to you suits for – it is to ask the selling assistant. It is very important that on a sole there was a good pattern of a protector — this drawing will allow you to increase coupling with the platform. As a rule, advise to buy sneakers with a protector “fir-tree”, but already there are many variations of a protector is not worse at all. Therefore, you remember that the main thing — not a pattern but only coupling which gives this pattern. To check coupling, use an old method — just carry out by a palm on a sole if your hand felt the high level of resistance, then this couple has to interest you.

The second, but not less important factor upon purchase of basketball shoes — extent of fixing of an ankle. An ankle trauma — the most widespread among basketball players, apart from injuries of fingers, of course. Sneakers on degree of ankle protection  are divided into three types:

  • High. (Nike Hyperdunk 2015, Nike Lebron XII) High sneakers — classics of basketball. They excellently protect an anklebone and an ankle, but significantly reduce movement speed on the platform. Such sneakers will suit everything, but, as a rule, universal basketball players like to wear them.
  • Mid. (Nike Zoom Hyperquickness 2015, Jordan Melo M11) Unlike high, sneakers of average height give more freedom for the player, but at the same time reduce the level of protection of a leg. Such sneakers are suitable for skilled high-speed basketball players. For beginners similar sneakers can become the trauma reason.
  • Low. (Nike Kobe X, Nike KD VIII, Adidas of 2015 Crazylight Boost Prime) Once low basketball shoes seemed something strange. They were not perceived seriously, but recently even more often basketball players choose sneakers with a low profile. The main reason is a convenience. In light low sneakers it is much more convenient to move on the platform. You should not be afraid of them precisely because at strong collision your legs will not save any sneakers. It is worth remembering that the most effective way to avoid injuries are working out on strengthening of sheaves and joints.

The third factor — material of which sneakers are made. Was considered earlier that skin is the best material for basketball shoes thanks to the wear resistance and fixing. But now everything changed. Skin is almost not used at production of sneakers, and synthetics and plastic became main “responsible” for it. For years of various tests and checks it was established that both on “survivability”, and on protection synthetics with plastic concede nothing to skin. And still it is worth mentioning that in synthetics the leg “breathes” much better.

After you walked on these three points, we pass to the most pleasant — to fitting. Remember that it is necessary to measure sneakers at once on both legs! Before a visit of shop put on or take with yourself those socks in which you plan to play. You are properly laced up further. And then you should walk on shop, and it is better to jump or make some sharp movement. Thus you will simulate a game situation and will understand whether conveniently for you will be in them during the game. Draw great attention to fixing of foot. Your leg should not be strongly clamped in a sneaker, but also should not dangle in it too. Here it is necessary to follow the rule of golden mean. Also, it is worth remembering that during the games and workouts your leg swells up for fatigue for this reason many basketball players take themselves sneakers on the half-size more at once to avoid various small leg injuries and blisters. Don’t forget to pick the right pair of socks as this is also very important in order to avoid injuries and improve feet comfort. Sometimes you may think that shoes you are wearing suck and never think that socks may be the cause of discomfort, so keep in mind that wearing special basketball socks is also important to maximize comfort and performance.

Following this simple advice, you will be able precisely to choose for yourself good basketball shoes.

4 models which will be ideal for basketball. These are not the newest models but as we checked looking for the best ones we didn’t considered to pick only among latest shoe models.

1. Nike Hyperdunk 2015

Nike Hyperdunk 2015

This model already so well proved that does not need special representation. Everything that it is necessary to know about these sneakers: it is a quintessence of the best engineering decisions. The model is so good that very big percent of players of NBA cuts on platforms in her. Though the model also looks very massive, but will play in it to you comfortably, and levels of depreciation, court sense and coupling will pleasantly surprise you. If you do not know that to you to choose from a set of models, then know — having chosen Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoes, you definitely not miss by getting them because this model is the most universal. More details at

2. Nike KD VIII


Eighth personalized model of the young superstar of NBA of Kevin Durant. He for several years gives preference to low-profile models, it is connected with the fact that one of its main advantages over other players — speed. If you have good starting speed and know that it is one of the main arguments on the platform, then these sneakers are created especially for you. Check the out on

3. Nike Kobe X

Nike Kobe X

The same as Durant, to Kobe Bryant gives preference to low sneakers. The model possesses rather big price tag, but know that buying these sneakers, you receive couple larded by various innovative engineering solutions. One of the main advantages — magnificent traction. The sole is made of high-quality rubber, and the drawing is executed in style of snake scales that not only is the abrupt decision of the Nike company, but also sending to a nickname to Kobe — the Black Mamba. Check them out on official store.

4. Adidas CrazyLight Boost 2015

This novelty from the German company, by estimates of many basketball critics, is one of the most abrupt basketball releases of this year. Adidas do not cease to bend the line and made very light, almost weightless sneakers. The top of a sneaker is weaved out of small elastic threads that not only allows your leg to breathe, but also perfectly fixes foot. This model will suit the players who are mainly playing with 1 on 3 position that is not really heavy basketball players who value own speed.